Do you believe in your dreams? Or do you prefer living your life based on what’s generally expected of you? Everyone has dreams, but only some of us work towards truly realizing them. How do you go about planning for and living your dreams?

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I blog about life tips (among other topics) to make your daily life easier! In this post, I’ll share with you, how you can be clear about your dreams and work towards them:

1. Be realistic

First of all, when I say “realize your dreams”, I want to be clear that while you…

Working from home can blur the lines between productivity and self-care

Man Using a Laptop.

With quarantine limitations still in order here in the US, spending so much time at home has brought up some interesting challenges.

Even though I’ve worked from home for two years, this period of time has taught me that working from home can easily blur the lines between work and…

As you start setting your goals for 2021, here are some tips to help you follow through.

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Many of us look at the New Year as a time to reflect and recalibrate, to set new expectations and goals for ourselves and our businesses. As we depart this strange and difficult year for another one, I’m going to dig into some of the nitty gritty of goal setting…

Relationships are complicated and sometimes confusing because humans are. We’re unpredictable, annoying; we don’t always know what we’re doing or what we want. And then we’re supposed to merge with another person of this species and have it all work together seamlessly. That’s what we’ll be getting into today.

Sad mature businessman thinking about problems in living room


A side income feels like being rich if you already have a day job that covers the bills.

Making some extra side hustle cash doesn’t actually have to be that complicated. As someone who’s been immersed in the field of online income generation for nearly two decades now, I can tell you that it takes some work. However, there are several clear paths forward. …

Don’t let fear hold you back from taking risks and growing your business.

Close-Up Photo of Microphone

If you’re an entrepreneur, you’ve probably already taken a leap of faith to start a business, launch a podcast, or stand on a stage to give a keynote address. But fear of failure can often get in the way of our success. …

Person on a Bridge Near a Lake

Do you want to know what always fascinates me? People who seem to have this inner calm and control. They’re just there, and it’s all fine. It’s comforting. Can you think of anyone like that? I feel like I don’t meet those kinds of people very often. I want to…

Irir Mohamud

Entrepreneur, Student. I write About Life Lessons, Productivity, Personal Development, Relationship, and Lifestyle.

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